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drain service Tortolita az

Have A Clogged Drain in Tortolita AZ?

Tired of High Pressure sales?

Call 88-DRAIN (883-7246)

  • A+ BBB rating

  • Serving you since 1988

  • $95- $135 for most clogged drains 

  • Clean, uniformed and experienced service technicians

  • Can handle any size residential & small commercial drain cleaning service

  • Show us your magnet and get $5 off!

Ask us about    Camera Service

clogged drain Tortolita az


A PlumbersTortolita Service You Can Trust

88 Drain has been providing quality drain cleaning service in Plumbers Tortolita AZ for almost 30 years. When you need a drain unclogging plumbing repair, give us a call!  We pride ourselves on providing a team of honest, ethical and knowledgeable service technicians for plumbers Tortolita, while still offering the most competitive rates in the area. Check out our 445+ great reviews!

When it comes to plumbing problems, almost everyone has experienced a clogged drain. This can be caused by hair, grease, food particles, and other foreign objects that cling to the sides of the drain.  Over time a clog begins to form. Clogged drains can happen anywhere, including your kitchen sink, toilet, shower, bathtub or sewer line. Call your trusted Plumbers Tortolita service today at (520) 883-7246.

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing on
all sewer and drain cleaning. No hidden
surcharges of any kind! We charge $95-$135
for most clogged drains. 

Telephone Support – We care about our
customers and strive to make your experience
with us the best ever. We are available
for any questions or problems you may have.​

Call us now at 88-DRAIN (883-7246)

What our customers are saying about us:

"Love these guys! They're always super kind and they love to get to know their customers. If your looking for someone to clean your drains, pick these guys. Super affordable and they do it right the first time AND THEY DON'T TRY TO SELL YOU STUFF YOU DON'T NEED! One of the guys that came out told me he wanted to make sure I put my money where it needs to go, not where some salesman wanted it, and that something I can get behind! 88-Drain, you just gained a customer for life. -Stephen J.

"I called first thing Monday morning needing help with a clogged drain and they said they'd be there between noon and 3pm. 88 Drain arrived at 1:20pm and was finished by 1:40pm and I was charged $65 which I thought was quite reasonable considering the clog I had. I am already recommending 88 Drain to others. Thank-you 88 Drain for helping me with a problem I could not solve myself. " - Laura S.

"Referred by my neighbor. Excellent work ethics, fair reasonable prices, very professional and knows what he's doing AAAAAA++++++ Highly recommend " - Mark M.


Read more than 480+reviews on Google ,Facebook and Yelp!  

Common Plumbing Questions

Why is the history of your home so important?

The history of your Tortolita home or business will help you determine which plumbing services you might need. Ask yourself: When did this happen last? How often does this happen? If your drain backs up once in a while, that can be perfectly normal depending on the usage. Do you do 15 loads of laundry a week? Do you prepare 20 meals a week? These activities deposit continual waste and buildup in the drains and a routine cleaning will be normal (just like changing your oil or cleaning your vacuum filter) you probably don't need anything else. Let me ask you..If you go to the dentist and you have a cavity would you just pull out all your teeth and start over? Think of your plumbing the same way. A routine cleaning by a plumbing company may be ALL you need.

Why should I choose preventive maintenance?

  • Save on weekend and emergency services

  • Avoid costly backups that always seem to occur at the worst possible times

  • We will track and maintain your service schedule, and contact you when service is required

Can you help me find my sewer clean-out

Sewer clean-out locations are free from Pima County Wastewater Management mapping and records department by emailing tour request to BuildingSafetyAdmin@pima.Gov   You probably won't need a camera service for this. Save the couple hundred bucks and use it for digging out the clean-out, and making it permanently serviceable. We can do all or any part of this with you. 

Is Hydro or Water Jetting any better than snaking a line?
Yes and depends on the drainpipe material. Again, a very useful tool for an extremely greasy, pasty, or dough filled drain line. However, for almost all plastic household and commercial lines, you will see a 100% cleaning. For older cast iron drain systems Hydro jetting and milling may be a good direction for a more thorough cleaning followed by a camera service to evaluate the condition of the drainpipe. This is very useful for persistent washer drains that continually clog.

Are home warranties helpful for sewer and drain service?

In most cases we can be just as effective and actually perform a service or plumbing repair to correct or clear your clogged drain line! Our service call fee is usually LESS than your deductible.

We provide plumbing services in Plumbers Tortolita AZ including 85742. We also provide services in Plumbers Tucson AZ.

8am to 5pm

8am to 3pm

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Call us now at 88-DRAIN (883-7246)

88 Drain
4377 S Sky High Pl, Tucson, AZ 85730

(520) 883-7246

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