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Hugh was featured in Cleaner Magazine, click the link below to watch his interview about how he built 88 Drain while attending college. 



 88 Drain has been owned and operated by Hugh and Cheri McLaughlin for over 30 years. We have used the name QUALITY DRAIN SERVICE for all of them. In an attempt to better serve our customers we have used and marketed the phone number 88-DRAIN. Due to the absolute success of this number, many of you call us 88 DRAIN.  So we have moved to using 88 DRAIN as our name, phone number and website address to better serve you. We have moved away from expensive and competitive traditional forms of advertising to keep our service prices affordable for you, our loyal customers.

We care about you, why you choose us as your service company and keeping your loyalty...forever. We rely on referrals, repeat business and customer reviews. 

Plumbers Tucson Az

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